Sail the Greek Islands
with your own Captain and Cook!

June 17 - 26, 2022

We are restarting our popular Greek island cruise trips and we can't be more thrilled. There is a two-day Athens pre-trip stay, which includes all entry fees to the Acropolis and tours. There is also a 3 day post-trip to Santorini that is not to be missed. This trip is one of our small-group options and will be managed by members along with our overseas partners.

Unfortunately, this is the only date available for 2022, but we will resume these trips in May of 2023. If you'd like to reserve a spot for 2023, please reach out to us.

Set sail from the island of Paros, for 6 nights aboard a beautiful luxury 8-person catamaran. You'll have your own captain, who will help you determine an itinerary for the week. Set your own agenda, and sail where you want among the spectacularly beautiful Greek islands of The Aegean.

You'll also have your own chef with you onboard to cook meals - and help you have a little fun! She can prepare drinks as you watch the sunset as you sail in the Cyclades. She can suggest unique restaurants on those evenings the group wishes to eat ashore. Each day or two, she'll ask for money to go buy groceries. This may be fresh fish as well as other Greek delicacies. Expect an incredible spread including salads, olives, meats, and more for most lunches.

You'll begin your adventure with an overnight in Athens to see ancient monuments such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Then you'll board your ship for a cruise of a lifetime. 


  • Round trip air from Nashville, Miami, New York, or larger Eastern hubs to Athens, Greece

  • High speed ferry from Athens to Paros and return

  • 7 days/6 nights aboard a private luxury Catamaran with semi-private ensuite berths for 8 travelers

  • A dedicated captain who will be by your side throughout the trip and will assist with setting an itinerary for the week.

  • A dedicated cook available day and night to shop for food, prepare meals, and bar tend. She will also help plan excursions, happy hours, and evenings out on the islands. Think of her as your private entertainment concierge.


  • $3,950 per person, double occupancy (single upgrade: $1,400)

  • Roughly $100 PP for groceries onboard

  • Optional Athens excursion to the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum day of arrival.

  • Meals in Athens

  • Meals on the islands. Some of our fondest memories have been at small tavernas scattered in small island villages and quiet coves. Prices are usually inexpensive.

  • Post-trip excursion to Santorini available as a group



Let's spend a week exploring the Greek Islands with 7 other travel companions aboard your own private catamaran, complete with captain and cook! You and your captain will decide on your itinerary when you arrive. Pick from an island of ancient ruins one day, and a quaint fishing village the next. Sail into a picturesque cove for snorkeling or sun worship. It's all up to you. At each stop your cook will shop the local market based on your wishes for the next day's meals. Enjoy the most incredible fresh Greek salads, seafood, and lamb you've ever tasted, all while enjoying the most intoxicating views on earth. Your cook knows the islands and can be an excellent resource for what to see and where to eat.


Our Home in the Islands

We'll sail the calm seas of the Aegean on this 8 person (plus crew) luxury Catamaran


Lagoon floorplan

We'll spend most of our onboard time on the back deck, or the comfy living room. Drinks and conversation seem sweeter in the Islands.


Onboard berth

This is one of the four passenger berths. And yes, you'll be good friends by the end of the week! Each berth is equipped with its own bath.


The Acropolis

The Acropolis, it's Parthenon, and the Acropolis Museum are of course the highlight of any visit to Athens.


Patio on Mykonos

Don't ask, don't tell. Right? :)

fishing village.jpg

Fishing Village

The Greek Islands are built around fishing. In every port you'll meet some salty and friendly fishermen mending their nets.



This is Naxos, an island near Paros that you'll likely visit. For the islands, this is a big city. Many islands may have a few homes, a fishing village, and a taverna, or restaurant.

lagoon island.jpg

Typical Island Cove

On the last trip we spent the entire day sunning and exploring the caves in this cove, then sailed around to the village for fresh-caught dinner.


The Aegean Sea

During May, June, and early July we'll take a ferry to Paros and sail from there. Later sailings may sale from Athens, as conditions warrant.